Learning From Failure in the Digital Health Business

You know the old saying, “You learn more from your failures than your success.” But ouch, those failures can smart. At a recent Digital Health Summer Summit in San Francisco, three brave former CEOs from gone, but not forgotten companies, Zeo, HealthRally and Healthrageous took the stage […]

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Genealogy: Tips for When You’re Stuck in the 19th Century

My story is not different from thousands of yours. Srul Avram Yisroel Kvar (or was it Kwar? or Kfare?) lived in a town called L’Viv (spelled ten ways come Sunday) somewhere in the Ukraine. He married Chaya Sara and while they never saw the United States, their […]

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An App-le a Day for a Queasy Medical Problem

Someday, I expect that doctors will dispense apps the same way they dispense medicines. Apps already help monitor health conditions, keep you in good physical shape, and can give you tools to control the onset of  something like cyclic vomiting syndrome.


‘Glorified Pedometers’: 5 Facts About Fitbit, Jawbone Up, and Other Wearables

Today’s buzzphrase, the quantified self, is the notion that you can measure all of your body inputs and outputs and then use the data to modify your behavior and keep yourself healthier. The desire to quantify yourself is spreading fast in the tech industry and has become something of the […]

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Building a Desk Treadmill: A Love Story

It’s not every day that high tech, DIY skills and true love intersect, so when I heard this story I had to share. Sarah and Ben Hilmer are newlyweds living in Indianapolis. Ben noticed Sarah eyeing those $1500 plus treadmill desks — the ones that let you type and walk […]

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Sleep Gives You Something Else to Worry About

Who would have thought that sleep would become the next crisis in our lives? The truth is, we don’t get enough of it and we’re starting to know that a lack of it leads to poor health. And now, technology is rushing in with a multitude of ways to measure […]

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Hudson Valley Economic Development on The Future of Digital Health

Robin Raskin addressed Hudson Valley Economic Development on The Future of Digital Health
You can access the full presentation here.
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Social Media Week in NYC: Robin Raskin guest blog column on the importance of Social-ized Medicine

As medical costs soar and as our health insurance systems falter, technology is offering some new tools for taking your health into your own hands. Many of these solutions have a strong social component. And for many, the social aspect seems to be working.

Sharing, it turns out, can help you […]

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Google Glass: Not the Only Eye Candy in Town

I’m a Google Glass owner and I’ve had my share of ups and downs with my $1500 curiosity purchase. Mom says I look like I’m scratching my head when I’m using Glass and my photos and videos are shot and shared fast and furiously, but they’re all pretty bad. I […]

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Exhibitors Spotlight — Why Spending More of Your Own Money on Healthcare is a Good Thing.

PokitdoktransferCompany: PokitDok

Author: Lisa Maki, CEO

2014 is an historic year for healthcare. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is now in effect and the shift of the cost of healthcare to consumers is under the microscope like never before.

To some, spending […]

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Robots on the Runway at CES 2014

CES 2014’s Digital Health Summit had a ton of incredible robots on display, including robotic legs for the paralyzed, adorable manufacturing robots and more.

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Exhibitors Spotlight — A Holistic Approach to Gamification for Digital Health

2014BMDDHblogCompany: MD Revolution

Author: Samir Damani, M.D., Pharm.D., F.A.C.C.

Gamification is a major buzzword in the health care industry today. New solutions are popping up daily, tapping into consumers’ natural desires for competition, achievement, fun and status.

Examples abound. Pharmaceutical companies are […]

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Exhibitors Spotlight — A Healthy Spine, A Healthy Body


Author: Christine Berquam, Marketing Manager of Global Residential Initiatives

Move it or lose it.”

“No pain, no gain.”

“To sit is to die.”

The original meaning of these sayings was never aimed at getting people to stop sitting, but I’m telling you that sitting less may be one of the […]

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Exhibitors Spotlight — Digital Health and the Transformation of Corporate Wellness

Company: Jiff, Inc.
Author: Derek Newell, CEO

I’m super excited to be participating in a CES panel for the second year in a row! This year’s topic is: Brace Yourself—Your New Trainer is Your Boss and will take place on Thursday, January 9th at 3:05 p.m. at the Digital Health Summit […]

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Exhibitors Spotlight — How to Keep Your New App Resolution

BLOGMacadamianCompany: Macadamian – a UX design and software development firm

Author: Lorraine Chapman, Director of Healthcare User Experience

I’ve thrown away more New Year’s resolutions than I’ve kept. The same is true for consumer healthcare apps. More and more I’m realizing that many of […]

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