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Digital Health Summit

When technology and healthcare converge, promising solutions to a range of healthcare-related issues emerge. From more accurate diagnoses and effective treatments in the doctor’s office, to managing a global health crisis through telemedicine, Digital Health Summit focuses on the most exciting developments in the field. Learn how high-tech products and services are promoting earlier prevention and detection, clearer patient/doctor communication, shorter hospital stays, faster recovery times, lower insurance costs, digitized patient records and much more.


Day 1
Wednesday, January 11, 2012
LVCC North Hall, N250
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Session Description
Welcome: Visionaries Changing the Face of
Digital Health
Who are the visionaries shaping the future of digital health? Join veteran NPR science correspondent and award-winning TV journalist, Ira Flatow, leading a provocative discussion with three of the most influential and lauded healthcare professionals about genetics, the future of wireless health, the promise of personalized medicine and managing healthcare costs.
Jill Gilbert, Co-producer, Digital Health Summit
Ira Flatow, Science Correspondent and TV Journalist, Science Friday on NPR
Greg Lucier, Chairman and CEO, Life Technologies
Eric J. Topol, M.D., Chief Academic Officer, Scripps Translational Science Institute, Vice-Chair, West Wireless Health Institute, Author, Creative Destruction of Medicine
Reed Tuckson, M.D., FACP, Executive Vice President and Chief of Medical Affairs, UnitedHealth Group
The Patient as Consumer:
Pushing Digital Health to
New Heights
Mobilizing consumers to contribute to their own well-being has proven successful in multiple markets. For digital health to succeed universally, more consumers need to get behind the movement. How do we make products that take hold and ultimately turn consumers into catalysts to grow the industry?


Robert B. McCray, President and CEO, Wireless-Life Sciences Alliance
Tina Brown-Stevenson, Chief Data & Analytics Officer, OptumHealth
Jason Goldberg, President, Ideal Life
Christine Robins, CEO, BodyMedia
Data Liberation: Making Health Data Intelligible for
the Consumer
Consumer adoption requires easy-to-digest feedback systems. What does all of this data mean, and how are we going to manage the information? We’ll sit down with some of the companies who’ve made outstanding contributions to making data digestible, fun, and most importantly, something we can act on.
Ray Maker, Blogger, DCRainmaker
Ian Andes, President, 4iiii Innovations
Karl-Johan Dahlstrom, Head of Developer Relations, Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications
Chris Fickle, Director of Telemedicine Business Development, A&D Medical
Mike Stashak, Vice President of Marketing & Sales, Wahoo Fitness
Luncheon & Keynote:
The Doctor in Your Car
New platforms delivering health-monitoring applications are being announced frequently these days, but none more interesting than the automobile. Why are leading automobile manufacturers looking to add “healthcare” to help sell cars and what do we expect in the near future as they expand their vehicle options to help people manage their own health?



Gary Strumolo, Global Manager of Health & Wellness Research, Interiors and Infotainment for Ford Research and Innovation, Ford Motor Company
Diabetes and Obesity: How Can Technology Change
the Outcomes?
Experts predict that by 2030 more than half the U.S. population will be obese, and 438 million people worldwide will be diagnosed with diabetes. Today, nearly 80% of all new diagnoses of Type 2 diabetes are directly attributed to uncontrolled obesity. With yet ineffective pharma and nurse intervention, can technology help control this ballooning epidemic? Join the companies whose life-changing innovations are leading the charge.
Anand Iyer, Ph.D., President and COO,WellDoc
Craig Lipset, Head of Clinical Innovation, Pfizer
Deepak Prakash, Global Market Segment Manager, Avery Dennison Medical Solutions
Amy Tendrich, Founder and Editor, DiabetesMine
Sonny Vu, CEO and Founder, MisfitWearables; Founder, AgaMatrix
The Connected Healthy Kitchen
Homebuilders, appliance makers, social and digital media companies, and nutritionists are all teaming up with technology to make science-based, consumer-directed health a reality. The win is personal health as well as lowered health care costs. The trends present significant opportunities for both early-stage companies and global brands to take part in the healthy, connected kitchen.
Andy Donner, Director, Physic Ventures
Douglas Beaudet, Global Director Experience Design, Whirlpool Corporation
David Feller, Founder & CEO, Yummly
Andy Porteus, SVP Digital, Unilever

Sponsored by Audax


Keynote: How Gaming and Social Networking are Revolutionizing Healthcare?
With 510 million people playing online games in 2010 and over 10 billion social networking accounts worldwide, it was only a matter of time before we saw them converge. What is it about this marriage that is increasing consumer engagement with life-modifying healthy behaviors yet unseen before, and is it the missing link helping consumers achieve simple, healthy living with better outcomes?
Grant Verstandig, Founder and CEO, Audax Health
Is Mobile Making Us Healthier?
Our health care system is filled with endless inefficiencies causing costs to skyrocket. A myriad of mobile devices and app developers have stepped in, helping consumers manage their own health. How are health care providers, employers, and tech companies advancing the mobile health movement?
Daniel Kraft, M.D., Founder and CEO, Intellimedicine
John de Souza, CEO, MedHelp International Inc.
Bud Flagstad, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, UnitedHealth Group
James Park, CEO and Co-Founder, FitBit
Michael Tighe, Executive Director of New Market Development, Verizon Wireless


Day 2
Thursday, January 12, 2012
LVCC North Hall, N250
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Session Description
Welcome & Keynote:
The State of the Wireless
Health Industry
Qualcomm’s Don Jones delivers a standing room only talk about the advancements in digital health technology and the industry’s current state of affairs.


Special Guest:

Don Jones, Vice President of Wireless Health, Global Strategy and Market Development, Qualcomm
Leslie Saxon, M.D., Chief, Division of Cardiovascular Medicine at the University of Southern California
Simplifying the Architecture
for Connectivity
When it comes to health, there’s no margin for error or incompatibility. Who’s creating the standards to power the devices we’ll use to monitor, diagnose, and treat our health issues? Hear from the big players that are making it happen.

Charles Parker, Executive Director, Continua Health Alliance
Steven Dean, Global Healthcare Segment Lead, Freescale
Tim Fowler, Commercial Director, Wireless Division, Cambridge Consulting
Horst Merkle, Director Information Management Systems Diabetes Care, Roche Diagnostics
Chris Wasden, Managing Director – Innovation Practice Leader, PricewaterhouseCoopers
Who’s Paying the Bill for e-Health?
One of the biggest obstacles in the digital health arena is not the technology at all. Rather it’s who’ll foot the bill. Join a leading health care strategist, a pioneer physician in connected health, one of the world’s most innovative wireless health companies, and a key advisor from one of the country’s most influential advocacy groups for this vital discussion.
Matthew Holt, Co-Chairman, Health 2.0
Robert Jarrin, Senior Director of Government Affairs,Qualcomm
Joseph Kvedar, M.D., Director, Center for Connected Health, Partners Healthcare
Bill Walsh, Senior Advisor, AARP
Managing the Health of the Aging Population
Americans over the age of 65 now comprise more than a third of our population, and their life expectancy is well into their 80’s.The consequences are an unprecedented need for new services, facilities, and technologies. Global companies and the government are hot on the trail for coping with the graying of the population.
Eric Taub, Writer, New York Times
S. Vincent Grasso, DO, Health Information Technology Senior Advisor, Office of CTO, Panasonic Corporation of North America
Rich Lobovsky, VP Business Development, LifeComm
Sona Mehring, Founder and CEO, CaringBridge
Kian Saneii, CEO, Independa
Luncheon & Keynote:
From the PC Revolution to the Health Revolution
John Sculley Talks About the Next Great Frontier: Digital Health
John Sculley, Director, Audax Health, Former CEO, Apple and PepsiCo
Is Technology Changing the Doctor-Patient Relationship?
As preventable medical conditions such as obesity continue to grow so does the need for patient involved healthcare. The doctor-patient relationship is critically important to bridging the gap between passive patients and informed medical consumers. Innovative technologies are the enabling factor for this, but are they succeeding–and how long will it be before we start seeing significant changes?
Zachary Bujnoch, Senior Industry Analyst, Frost and Sullivan
James White, Vice President, Connected Hospital, Alcatel-Lucent
Gene Frantz, TI Principal Fellow, Texas Instruments
William Reid, FACHE, VP, Product Management, Numera
Alexandra Von Plato, President and Global Chief Creative Officer, Digitas Health and Razorfish Health
The End of the Couch Potato: How is Technology Motivating Us to Stay Fit and Healthy?
While many devices have entered the marketplace, the question we need to be asking is: Are they accomplishing what they need to? With obesity skyrocketing, what can we learn from the tech leaders coming to the rescue helping consumers get off the couch, stay engaged and improve their own health?

Sally Edwards, CEO and Founder, HeartZones
Michael Foley, Executive Director, Bluetooth SIG
Jef Holove, CEO, Basis
John (Ivo) Stivoric, CTO and VP New Products, BodyMedia
David Wang, Co-founder and CEO, Striiv
Consumer Impact: Case Studies in Quality of Life

Get an inside look at new technologies that are improving consumers’ lives and revolutionizing the way we live—in mobile health and disease management. Learn insights from leading healthcare companies on how technology is profoundly altering the landscape of consumer health.


Speakers: Michelle Ahlman, President, ClearSounds Communications
Terry Gregg, CEO, Dexcom
Susumu Sone, Senior Manager, Marketing and Business Development, Sony Electronics