[accordian][toggle title="Day 2 – Welcome & Keynote: The State of the Wireless Health Industry (9:00–9:40am)"]
[/toggle][toggle title="Day 2 – Simplifying the Architecture for Connectivity (9:50–10:40am)"]
[/toggle][toggle title="Day 2 – Who’s Paying the Bill for e-Health? (10:50–11:40am)"]
[/toggle][toggle title="Day 2 – Managing the Health of the Aging Population (11:50–12:40pm)"]
[/toggle][toggle title="Day 2 – Luncheon & Keynote: From the PC Revolution to the Health Revolution (12:40–1:40pm)"]
[/toggle][toggle title="Day 2 – Is Technology Changing the Doctor-Patient Relationship? (1:50–2:40pm)"]
[/toggle][toggle title="Day 2 – The End of the Couch Potato: How is Technology Motivating Us to Stay Fit and Healthy? (2:50-3:50pm)"]
[/toggle][toggle title="Day 2 – Consumer Impact: Case Studies in Quality of Life (4:00–4:30pm)"]
[/toggle][toggle title="Day 1 – Is Mobile Making Us Healthier? (4:00–5:00pm)"]
[/toggle][toggle title="Day 1 – Welcome: Visionaries Changing the Face of Digital Health (9:00–10:30am)"]
[/toggle][toggle title="Day 1 – The Patient as Consumer: Pushing Digital Health to New Heights (10:40–11:30am)"]
[/toggle][toggle title="Day 1 – Data Liberation: Making Health Data Intelligible for the Consumer (11:35am–12:25pm)"]
[/toggle][toggle title="Day 1 – Keynote: The Doctor in Your Car (12:25–1:25pm)"]
[/toggle][toggle title="Day 1 – Diabetes and Obesity: How can technology change the outcomes? (1:30–2:20pm)"]
[/toggle][toggle title="Day 1 – The Connected Healthy Kitchen (2:25–3:15pm)"]
[/toggle][toggle title="Day 1 – Keynote: How are Gaming and Social Networking Revolutionizing Healthcare? (3:30–4:00pm)"]
[/toggle][toggle title="PRESS: CES 2012 Quick take on Digital Health Summit – Gregg Master"]
[/toggle][toggle title="PRESS CMImedia The Scoop: CES 2012 Exhibit Recap – Digital Health #2"]
[/toggle][toggle title="PRESS CMImedia The Scoop: CES 2012 Exhibit Recap – Digital Health #1"]
[/toggle][toggle title="PRESS Fitbit talks with UnitedHealth Group during CES 2012"]
[/toggle][toggle title="PRESS CES 2012: Dr. Reed Tuckson explains why UnitedHealth Group here"]
[/toggle][toggle title="PRESS CES 2012: Winner of the UnitedHealth Group dance challenge powered by Xbox with Kinect"]
[/toggle][toggle title="PRESS CES 2012: Tour of UnitedHealth Group booth"]
[/toggle][toggle title="PRESS Microsoft’s Dr. Bill Crounse on the future of health tech with UnitedHealth Group"]
[/toggle][toggle title="PRESS Tanita – CES 2012"]