Thank you.

If conversations are a catalyst of innovation, then the Digital Health Summit nailed it in spades. Thanks again for making this year’s summit even more seminal than the last. We look forward to seeing YOU in 2015 and at our San Francisco Summer Summit!

Branding Kicks Off
Digital Health Brand building kicked off Digital Health Summit 2014 in a big way! Reaching Brand Nirvana brought together leading experts from Shine America (Producers of “Biggest Loser”), General Mills, BioBeats/Basis, and Digitas Health for a provocative discussion resulting in the motto “Never Ignore Your Brand.” And, yes this applies to digital health companies as much as Coke and Pepsi!
The New Healthcare System
With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, new opportunities in digital health are arising at warp speed. “The Empowered Consumer” and “It’s a Healthcare Coup” sessions helped clarify the opportunities while covering the controversies and improvements of our new system. While there are always rough waters with change, the new opportunities are there for the taking.
Digital Health Saves Lives
….and we gave you the proof in five moving and REAL stories. Words can’t describe this so please take a look. PS: you won’t want to miss the last 7 minutes.
Prevention as Policy
Prevention is the new name of the game in healthcare, but how do we intrinsically motivate someone to be healthy? How is government getting in on the action with the Affordable Care Act? Chris Wasden, PwC, lead key experts and innovators through a discussion that integrates prevention into the workplace, into insurance programs, and into our personal lives. Finally, preventative medicine is getting the attention it deserves.
Meaningful Use Debuts at DHS
Meaningful use made it’s big debut at the Digital Health Summit and focused on the importance of understanding how meaningful use is directly benefiting the consumer. Abbe Don, Epocrates, delivered an extremely informative session that you’ll have to see for yourself. And then direct from Washington DC, Lygeia Ricciardi, ONC/HHS, gave us an insiders look at the upcoming launch of Blue Button.
Loudmouth Patients
Do What They Do Best E-patients (aka loudmouth patients) grabbed the megaphone this year and talked about the ability for consumers not only to have a voice in their care, but influence policy through social media outlets. Their poignant and meaningful stories were an inspiration to us all.
 Beyond Wearable…
It’s Invisible Wearables were incredibly trendy at CES 2014, with good reason! Digital Health Summit brought together some of THE MOST innovative companies and thinkers to enlighten us on everything from flexible sensors in pharma & cosmetics, to the true proliferation of sensors within every facet of our health. David Schie of Linear Dimensions delivered a captivating keynote exhibiting predictions of the future intersections of technology and health.
A Glimpse Into the Future
We received a glimpse into the future of our healthcare system with our “brain trust” speakers from “The Digital Health Manifesto” and “The Radical Hospital”. These two panels questioned the hypotheticals and demonstrated the realities of what care can be in the future. Both sessions were standing room only, and when you watch the videos you will see why.
 The Sixth Sense
Sensors are ubiquitous in our healthcare technology. Our speakers from the “The Sixth Sense is Digital” and “The Bionic Man” demonstrated the beautiful and innovative technologies that are on the marketplace to make our lives simpler and more connected than ever before.
 The Name of the Game Using the right business model is important to any company, but building the right model to keep your employees healthy is an entirely different matter. Our special keynote from Wainwright Fishburn, Cooley LLP, and our speakers from “Brace Yourself: Your New Trainer is Your Boss” tackled this topic head on in a vibrant combination of sessions.
 Spinal Tech Ouch!
85% of the US population is suffering from back pain. Our speakers from Neubac and Omnimount, lead by Veronica Combs, took the stage to discuss the new and cutting edge technologies that are striving to aid our own support systems.
Patients Demand Access to Healthcare
Everywhere When your health is a moving target, it is difficult to stay informed and on track when you see your doctor so infrequently. With the help of technology our speakers from “Point of Care Everywhere” and “Track-a-holism” revealed new methods to keep us healthy wherever we go and “almost” whenever we want it. These impactful sessions demonstrated how the path to 24/7 health is coming to fruition.