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Chopra, Tanzi: Devices Will Reduce Disease, Alter Medicine

Personal electronic devices that spot early signs of disease, monitor and encourage fitness, and lower stress can help people reprogram their DNA for a healthier life, celebrity physicians said here at the Consumer Technology Association […]

Disrupting Alzheimer’s And Us

The 2016 International Consumer Electronics Show is underway in Las Vegas, and tens of thousands have gathered to gawk at the latest gadgets and speculate about the wild possibilities of futuristic technologies.
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Move Over Wearables. Make Way for Implantables

Wearable monitors for health and fitness seemed to be everywhere in the exhibit halls and on the conference stages at CES 2016. But while this generation of biometric monitoring devices goes mainstream, a little Silicon […]

A flying car?! See the coolest CES tech and gadgets

Tech expert Katie Linendoll shares some of the coolest gadgets that are causing buzz at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, including a shoe that can tighten or loosen with the push of a button, and […]

Presenting iPhone Life’s Best of CES 2016 Winners!

Looking for a glimpse into the future? That’s why hundreds of thousands of people flock to Las Vegas each year for the annual Consumer Electronics Show, where tech companies from all over the world debut […]

CES 2016: The Trends

The new year ushers in a whole host of tech innovations, and the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week offered up a slew of exciting projects that could change the shape of fashion […]

Handheld Device Takes Vital Signs Remotely

Samir Qamar, MD, a family physician with big ambitions to transform medicine, stood on a stage here at the Consumer Technology Association 2016 Digital Health Summit and conducted a physical examination of a woman on […]

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