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CES: Beyond the tech

Typically, CES focuses on showy unveils and groundbreaking new technologies that make attendees “ooh” and “aah,” as well as ask, “When can I buy it?”
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CES Digital Health Summit Day One

I’ve been to the Consumer Electronics Show a few years in a row now, but this is the first time I’ve been able to attend the Digital Health Summit.
featured cont… IBM Watson Health, Bill Evans, […]

Watson-Powered Diabetes App Predicts Hypoglycemia

Watson, the IBM supercomputer that won TV’s Jeopardy, will soon be able to help patients with diabetes prevent hypoglycemia, medical device maker Medtronic announced here at the giant Consumer Technology Association Digital Health Summit.

I sensori trasformano anche la moda

“L’industria della moda è molto attenta e tutti gli stilisti stanno ponendo molta attenzione agli oggetti indossabili, alla gioielleria, e a cosa la tecnologia può portare” ci spiega Robin Raskin che all’interno del CES di […]

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