There are lots of healthcare services based on IoT (Internet of Things) technology. Most of those services have similar platform; Users have to put on wearable devices, have to exercise according to guideline from the service and get some motivations by checking amount of activity, by comparison with other users.

Nowadays, most parents don’t hesitate to pay for their children’s healthcare.
Dagym school is developed to support parents who are interested in children’s healthcare and growth management. It helps parents not only to monitor health factors such as weight, BMI, body fat and muscle but also to manage growth of their children.
It is hard to gauge children’s health on their growing phase by parents because children who are on growing phase grow very fast than other ages. Furthermore, there are lack of growing information of growing phase of children.

IM Healthcare Co., Ltd. suggested Dagym school service for children under 15, on their growing phase, to provide growth and obesity information to parents and school. Dagym school provides customized growth program according to measured data and reports it to parents at stated intervals.

Dagym school service is consist of three devices, EEG(Electroencephalogram) measurement, body composition analyzer and height meter. Children can measure EEG data, body composition data and height data by using each device. Each device is connected with server. By EEG measurement, it can be analyzed stress index and cause of obesity. At the same time body weight, BMI, body fat and muscle are measured by body composition analyzer. Height can be measured by height meter. Those measurements should be done every week then parents can be aware where their children are among the same ages.

It can help parents monitor children’s growth data and health data in real time so that they come to know what they do for children.
By terms of Dagym service, parents can be advised for growing pain treatment and obesity cure.

Dagym service platform by IM Healthcare Co., Ltd. is a healthcare service platform that provides growth management and obesity management. IM Healthcare Co., Ltd. hopes to find partners to work with global market.