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The digital health trajectory continues, and the market is now expected to reach $233 billion by 2020. The biggest driver of that change is the mobile health market. Plus, massive amounts of data stored in the cloud are being analyzed to provide answers to some of medicine’s most vexing problems.

The Digital Health Summit at CES provides a unique look at the role of technology in advancing modern medicine, healthcare and wellness. At the epicenter of technological change, the Summit provides a chance for all stakeholders in the healthcare industry to learn, network, and share in how tech can help provide better health outcomes.

You’ll hear from powerful startups, established healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, physicians, researchers, associations, regulators and other top thought leaders in the caregiving community as we explore multiple aspects of the world of digital health. Here’s a sneak peek at some of things you can expect:

Be a part of the most fulfilling, life-changing event at CES.
The Digital Health Summit.

January 6-7 | Venetian | Level 4 | Lando 4303

  • Find out about consumers’ desire for devices to help them improve their health or communicate with their doctors
  • Learn how today’s latest technologies are harnessing  Zero UI, and how they will radically transform long-term engagement
  • Discover how  Personalized Medicine is helping doctors treat each patient based on his or her individual genetic and chemical makeup
  • See how Artificial Intelligence and Deep Machine Learning are shedding light on diagnosing and treating disease
  • See how tech Virtual and Augmented Reality are being used to treat everything from mental illness to trauma, from rehabilitation to pain management
  • Learn how tech is transforming the study of sleep and helping define its importance to overall health
  • Hear first-hand from top digital health investors what the must-have business elements are before they write the check