LAS VEGAS — Last year was a rough one for the tech world.

Customers seemed consistently underwhelmed with the new “innovations” that companies like Apple were billing as amazing breakthroughs, and we all became painfully aware that our personal data wasn’t as personal as we’d previously thought.

We’re entering 2019 with a lot of the same problems (albeit with a better idea of how to fix them). In fact, companies have more data now than they know what to do with.

“The people who will win will learn how to use it right,” veteran tech journalist Robin Raskin said Sunday during the Consumer Electronics Show — one of the tech world’s biggest annual events.

So, chin up, because we’re finally starting to see the tech that we’ve heard about for a long time become a reality. (5G, anyone?) Without further ado, here are the eight tech trends you’re likely to see this year:

Digital health

The health and wellness world is probably where tech is arguably set to make the most disruption in the coming years. Things like digital therapeutics and remote patient monitoring have allowed patients to take charge of their health and do so remotely.

Doctors who are now able to check in on and monitor their patients remotely may be the key to healing those suffering from depression or other mental illnesses where access to mental health professionals is imperative, and yet, often scarce.

Something called neuromodulation (sensors that can control neural waves in the brain) has also burst onto the scene and begun targeting brain behaviors that cause tremors, Parkinson’s disease, depression, sleep apnea, chronic pain and addiction, including opioid addiction.

Sleep and fertility tech have also been huge in the past year and will most likely continue to grow in 2019.