New wearable gadgets can monitor your heart rate, blood sugar and risk of falling.

There are enormous number of products on display at CES, ranging from the wacky to the fun to the useful to the essential. And some are potentially life-saving.
So, in between looking at big screen TVs, cool concept cars, robots, home appliances and all the other products on display, I spent my time at the health and fitness-and-wearables area at the Sands Convention Center and spoke with some of the speakers at the 10th annual Digital Health Summit, sponsored by Living in Digital Times. At a post-summit dinner, Pamela Spence, the global health sciences and wellness industry leader at the consulting firm Ey, described the health technology world as the coming together of “behavioral science, medical science and data science.” She’s right, but at least for some players, I’d add a bit of sorcery, wishful thinking and, of course, hype.


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