Why Exhibit?

  • High Visibility: Place your brand in the middle of the one of the most high-traffic zones at CES boasting more than 55,000 sq. ft. and located at the front of CES Tech West in the Sands Expo.

  • Networking: The turbocharged exhibition along with exclusive digital health events provides countless opportunities for making new contacts and opening up new business opportunities.

  • Press & Product Launches: With more than 7,500 domestic and international press in attendance as well as being at the largest global gathering of connected technology, there is no better platform to showcase your brand and launch your latest innovations.
  • Mind-Blowing Attendance: 2019 saw incredible attendance with more than 180,000 CES attendees. Showcase your innovation at one of the most exclusive and well-attended shows in the world.
  • Private Meeting Rooms: Exhibiting at Digital Health Summit gives you access to our show floor rooms where you can conduct important meetings in a private setting (meeting room access is available to Silver Sponsor exhibitors and above.)

One of the hottest areas at CES, the Health & Wellness sector of the show floor is growing exponentially each year, attracting a sea of attendees seeking the latest in medical and consumer health tech. We work closely with companies interested in exhibiting and helping them secure what they need. We hope to work with you!

Have a special request or idea you’d like to discuss?

Reach out today to exhibit@cta.tech