In recent years, we have all witnessed companies such as Amazon and Google see staggering success in the consumer adoption of voice tech-driven devices. And now, we’re rolling out the red carpet as we witness this technology invade the healthcare industry.

The aptitude of voice tech and it’s ability to identify vocal biomarkers is poised to radically change healthcare, much in the same way as radiologic imaging enabling clinicians to see inside a human body.

To lead this discussion, we’ve invited one of the industry’s leading analysts whose 2018 Innovation Report recognized the untapped potential of voice-first as one of the most capable technologies to not only serve as a catalyst to enhancing traditional healthcare, but also to possess an uncanny ability to assist seniors.

And joining this compelling 1:1 is the President and Co-Founder of Orbita, the company uprooting the market with the only enterprise-grade, conversational platform that is powering HIPAA-compliant voice and chatbot applications in healthcare. Impressively, Orbita is collaborating with some of the country’s most digitally savvy healthcare organizations to design, build and deploy virtual assistants across consumer, business and clinical applications.

Welcome to a “talkative” future where the sound of our voice will catalyze an industry.