What if we could gain insights into which technologies just burgeoning from the labs today will drive the state of health and healthcare in 2030 and beyond?

Rooted in proof-of-concept breakthroughs from a decade or more ago, today’s most forward-looking technological innovations like brain-computer interfaces, bioelectronic medicine and synthetic biology are poised to drive massive shifts in human health.  Leading the charge in this uncharted territory is Battelle, the world’s largest private, non-profit applied research institute.

Join Matt Vaughan, President of Battelle Contract Research, as he shares how this 90-year old, $6-billion-dollar company is integrating historical breakthroughs into today’s most transformational technologies – such as applying functional genomics to detect previously unknown infectious diseases and decoding neural signals to help the paralyzed regain movement – to fundamentally change the ways illnesses, injuries and chronic conditions will be diagnosed, treated and cured in the future.