Welcome to the 10th Anniversary of The Digital Health Summit at CES. Strap yourself in for what promises to be two extremely informative, enlightening and entertaining days as we look at the technologies and experts most profoundly impacting consumer healthcare and the system that is continuously adapting to serve them.

We are kicking off this Summit with one of the industry’s boldest moves forward in digital health—propelling the patient to the epicenter of healthcare.

What if rather than staying in the hospital directly following a serious surgery, you were discharged to your home with a solution delivering the same physician and nursing oversight you’d receive at the hospital? And could this same solution be used to enable acute care and cancer patients to participate in critical clinical trials while receiving their most-needed therapies from the comforts of their own home?

This imminent total transformation of remote and home health care, fused with cutting-edge technology, is here, operational and scaling.

Our Power Panel,  a diverse mix of industry wizards and stakeholders, will convene to discuss how the seemingly impossible in healthcare is becoming a reality. Discover how their synergies are disrupting everything from hospital care to clinical trials resulting in accelerated groundbreaking cancer research and therapy development, more engaged patients, bigger cost savings and astounding health benefits.