Originally launched at CES’ Digital Health Summit in 2014, Muse® quickly became the world’s bestselling consumer neurotechnology device. As a neuroadaptive brain-computer interface, they’ve empowered people around the world to improve their understanding of their own brains, and access techniques and tools to improve their brain health.

Now in 2019, Muse® is back— pushing the boundaries of neurotechnology yet again. By integrating AI, biometrics and informatics specifically developed for large-scale brain data into their latest technology development, they’re enabling consumers to achieve peak brain performance through an improved relationship with their bodies and minds.

And the benefits extend well beyond the consumer. Scientifically validated brain data metrics are being taken out of the lab and enabling athletes, scientists, clinicians and hackers the ability to apply this radical research to real-world neuroscience, teaching, and learning.

Witness the future of consumer-accessible neurotechnology live from our stage as Muse® returns for a session that may just actually blow your mind!