When we think of hearing aids, we don’t typically associate them with transformative and mind-blowing technology, or even deem them worthy to watch in the world of Artificial Intelligence— yet roughly 48-million Americans*, or a fifth of the US, suffer from some degree of hearing loss. This shocking statistic coupled with monumental and market-altering legal revisions, has opened the floodgate for new opportunities and new companies, new technology, and the creation of leading-edge hearables.

Next-gen hearing aids are delivering a vast new set of capabilities, including real-time biometrics, artificial intelligence, integrated voice assistance, audio enhancements and even fall detection. The stigma is changing. Hearables are not only becoming socially acceptable but desirable.

Lead by a global expert, leader and innovator in biosensors, nanosensors, optical and wearable devices as well artificial intelligence and machine learning, this inspiring presentation will showcase how some of the last remaining archaic pieces of healthcare are rising to the challenge of today’s most groundbreaking advancements in technology, ultimately creating what will be the consumer’s progressive ‘sixth sense.’

* Statistic from Hearing Loss Association of America