Last year’s CES most talked about technology was Amazon Alexa––and she didn’t even have her own booth! Since then, there has been no shortage of coverage on how these types of AI-enabled, voice technologies have the potential superpowers to revolutionize the way healthcare is practiced.

You are in for a real treat (and of course an eye-opening presentation)! Worrell, a global leader specializing in healthcare innovation and strategy for medical device and pharmaceutical companies, is here to share their most asked-for insights on:

  • How voice-assisted technology is creating opportunities to improve medication and therapy adherence as well as improved long-term patient engagement
  • How augmented reality can help train and engage clinical field reps, healthcare professional and patients with drug delivery and instructions for use
  • How to leverage Alexa and Google Home for clinical trial data and guiding patients via voice-enabled technology to improve study success

Those that join us for this ultra-fascinating session will then be treated to lunch courtesy of Worrell—Bon Appétit!