We bet you’ve never imagined that the next step in proactive healthcare could literally exist in your underpants. And these underpants, along with a range of clothing and accessories, will come stealthily equipped with profound powers launching healthcare monitoring into a new stratosphere.

Quite different from the booming arena of wearables, this fascinating technology is comprised of single fibers possessing countless preventative health and wellness functions within a carefully-curated wardrobe.

Visualize items like shirts, eye masks, vests, knee braces and adult hygienic items connecting us to the IoT world by sensing 24/7 blood pressure, ECG, infection, respiration, EEG, temperature, swelling and so much more–all while simultaneously transmitting this precious data to your care team.

We are thrilled to welcome to the stage a global leader and pioneer in textile computing, delivering a far-reaching solution that will forever rock the runways of healthcare.