Around the healthcare industry, pioneering companies are breaking through yesterday’s boundaries. Join a special presentation to see for yourself why these trailblazers are capturing the imagination of doctors, patients, and healthcare heavyweights.

  • AppliedVR is using their virtual reality platform to deliver highly effective solutions for patients within the hospital setting–helping them manage scary and painful experiences
  • Breezometer uses proprietary algorithms, big data and machine learning to deliver global, real-time and hyperlocal air quality information
  • Deep 6 AI uses sophisticated artificial intelligence to sift through mountains of unstructured patient data to swiftly discover candidates for clinical trials
  • Ellume uses quantum dot-based diagnostics to detect a variety of common health conditions within minutes
  • Orig3n uses personal genetic analysis to deliver insights to individuals taking self-awareness to a whole new level

Healthcare tech is going to amazing places, so come enjoy the ride!