For many stakeholders, the healthcare experience feels siloed and fragmented. Today’s landscape consists of critical assessments, treatment plans and care decisions made within a 7-14 minute patient and provider face-to-face interaction, revealing only a fraction of the full-patient picture. It’s no wonder patients feel confined to the walls of the hospital for much-needed care.

But now, with the next decade of innovation, the walls are being torn down. Patient-generated data collected from tech resources, such as in-home medical devices and wearables, are providing improved comprehensive, continuous and curated patient care programs.

We’ve convened three key stakeholders—a patient with type 2 diabetes, a provider who has designed and managed remote care programs, and a health technologist specializing in data workflows and analytics—for a personal and practical look at the exemplary value that patient-generated health data (PGHD) and digital health devices are offering when applied to remote and virtual care programs.

This robust conversation will also provide the audience with invaluable insights for implementing, scaling and engaging patients in data-driven remote care programs. Discover how healthcare’s productivity and ability will continuously improve personalized care with the exciting implementation of data, machine learning and remote care.