It affects 1 in 10 Americans over 65. It ravages both mind and body. It is terminal. Alzheimer’s disease is arguably the greatest health care challenge of the present era, as well as the nation’s largest, looming financial sinkhole. Costs to taxpayers could rise as high as $1 trillion by 2030, from an already eye-watering $277 billion today.

In our relentless pursuit to discover a cure to this awful disease, pharma continues to fall short with no promising path to success. So it’s no surprise that technology is rising to the challenge. With technology being so instrumental in so many facets of healthcare, how will it confront this disease head-on?

This timely and critical discussion brings together some of today’s most successful technology innovators making massive impacts in the treatment and management of this daunting disease. Addressing some of Alzheimer’s greatest points of pain are their inventions, including the first non-pharmacological prescription with FDA Breakthrough Device Designation to mitigate the symptoms of Alzheimer’s, a VR-enabled learning system for caregiving, a life-like robotic pet to help those living with cognitive decline, and a transformative care management solution that addresses the professional care team, the family caregivers and the patient.

Leading this discussion is our special guest, Richard Lui, recognized not only for his career as a Journalist and News Anchor for MSNBC and NBC; but also as a notable speaker on the topic of caregiving, who shares his own insights and personal journey in caring for his father suffering with Dementia. Please join us for this moving, impactful and newsworthy conversation.