2014 Digital Health Summit – Day 1
Wednesday, January 8
LVCC North Hall, Room N250


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Welcome to the 5th Annual Digital Health Summit

Jill Gilbert, Producer, Digital Health & Silvers Summits


KICKOFF REVEILLE: Reaching Brand Nirvana

Building an iconic brand is no easy feat and has proven to be even more crucial in the digital age. How can digital health companies separate themselves from the pack? This extraordinary kickoff session will not only be a feast for your eyes and ears, but will be a rare opportunity to learn from some of the most inspired, revolutionary and influential brand innovators in the country as they reveal key insights to building a meaningful and relevant brand within the digital health ecosystem.

Alexandra von Plato, President and Global Chief Creative Officer, Publicis Healthcare Communications Group
David Plans, VP Product, BioBeats
Monica Austin, SVP, Business and Brand Development, Shine America
Nadeem Kassam, Founder/Catalyst, BASIS & BioBeats
David Oehler, Marketing Manager, General Mills


A Dynamic Duo—How Digital Health and ACA Will Catalyze Opportunity (INTRO TO A THREE PART SERIES)

Join us for a three-part series to discover how together, the ACA and the digital health industry can work together to leverage each other to achieve mutual success. The following three sessions will cover the key parts of the ACA as it applies to this industry and how digital health businesses can capitalize on these new opportunities.

Paul Slavin, Chief Operating Officer, Everyday Health


PART 1: The Empowered Consumer

Pre-ACA: no access to our own medical records, optionless insurance and unaffordable coverage. Post-ACA: retail healthcare, new exchanges and access to our own private medical records. Explore how digital health is delivering practical solutions to the ACA challenges and giving the consumer the power of knowledge and choice.

Paul Slavin, Chief Operating Officer, Everyday Health
Bettina Experton, CEO, Humetrix
Lisa Maki, CEO, PokitDok
Tom Paul, Chief Consumer Officer, UnitedHealthcare


PART 2: Prevention as Policy

One of the most significant elements of the ACA is an increased focus on preventive care. How can digital health: 1) help employers score incentives by creating healthier workplaces, 2) create lower-cost diagnostic tools for mandatory free prevention screenings, and 3) continue to support ACOs in their quest to remain accountable?

Christopher Wasden, Managing Director, PwC
Dr. Richard Migliori, Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, UnitedHealth Group
Marco Peluso, CEO, Qardio, Inc.
Dr. Samir Damani, Founder & CEO Cardiology, Genomic & Digital Medicine, MD Revolution


PART 3: Keynote—What does meaningful use MEAN for consumers?

Meaningful use may sound like a foreign language to most, but to providers, it is all they reluctantly dream about. And if meaningful use is ultimately in place to help the patient, it is essential we understand it’s true significance.  Hear from one of the fastest-growing EMR providers as they break down what will be a mystery no more.

Abbe Don, VP of User Experience, Epocrates, an athenahealth company


Special Keynote Announcement: Blue Button Comes to the Rescue

A new technology is being launched to help solve one of the biggest problems in healthcaregiving us access to our medical records and allowing us to share them with whomever we choose, all while remaining secure and up-to-date. It puts the consumer in control and gives them the "powers" they've only dreamed of. Join us for this special announcement where you will discover the Blue Button possibilities and how your digital health company can leverage this technology to improve client experience by integrating access to their most current health information.

Lygeia Ricciardi, Director, Consumer eHealth, ONC, US Dept of Health & Human Services


The Bionic Man

Lee Majors, eat your heart out! In this superhuman session, we’ll take a complete look at the profound innovations surrounding the multi-billion dollar prosthetics industry coupled with the massive sensor space and learn from those leading the way in preparing for a bionic future.

Ariel Garten, CEO, InteraXon
Deepak Prakash, Global Director of Marketing, Vancive Medical Technologies
Dr. Levi Hargrove, Research Scientist, Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago
Steve Basta, CEO, AlterG


LUNCHEON & SPECIAL SESSION: Beyond Wearable—It’s Invisible

The wearable market is projected to be a $12 billion sector by 2018. It’s no wonder innovators are creating sensors that go above and beyond current technologies to conform to our bodies and everyday lives. Discover how sensors expand healthcare’s reach—from the healthcare industry to cosmetics, this is groundbreaking stuff.

Alan Schwarz, National Correspondent, The New York Times
David Icke, CEO, MC10
Dr. Daniel Salazar, Sr. Vice President Translational Medicine and Think Team, Otsuka Pharmaceutical Development and Commercialization
Dr. John Mastrototaro, PhD, VP, Research, Technology & Business Development/CTO, Medtronic Diabetes
Dr. Guive Balooch, Global Director, L'Oreal Research and Innovation


Point-of-Care Everywhere

Designing for the on-the-go individual is no easy feat. From tele-health systems to seamless experiences between devices, focusing on meeting patients and consumers exactly where they are is becoming increasingly critical for success. Join us as we dive deep into the devices and software solutions powering diagnostics, disease management and ongoing monitoring.

Dr. Joseph Kvedar, Founder and Director, Center for Connected Health
Walter De Brouwer, Founder and CEO, Scanadu
Laura Mitchell, VP Business Development, GrandCare Systems
Nersi Nazari, Chairman & CEO, Vital Connect, Inc.
Yasmine Winkler, Chief Marketing, Product & Innovation Officer, Employer & Indivdual, UnitedHealthcare


Stickiness and Results—The Million Dollar Quest

Is great design making us healthier? From killer software applications to beautiful user experiences, designing the perfect product to engage clinicians and patients is a monumental hurdle. Voyage into the unknown as we confront the challenges that inhibit product stickiness––and enable you to create seamless and captivating health experiences!

Tom Dusenberry, CEO/Founder, Dusenberry Entertainment, Inc.
Catherine Calarco, CMO, SVP Sales, HeartMath Inc.
Lorraine Chapman, Director of User Experience Research, Macadamian
Vaishali Kamat, Associate Director, Medical Technology, Cambridge Consultants
Mary Kate Foley, VP of User Experience (UX), athenahealth


Loudmouth Patients: Making Noise and Making Change

The empowered patient is not a new concept, but now more than ever, patient and physician influencers are armed to advocate for better care, and to impact decision-making on a broader scale. Join a leading journalist, a social analyst and two of the loudest mouth patients we know for an explosive conversation, as they make huge strides in advocating for all of us.

Neil Versel, Freelance Journalist / Contributor, Uni-Versel Media Inc. / MobiHealthNews
Hugo Campos, ePatient Advisor, Stanford Medicine X
Donna Cryer, CEO, Global Liver Institute
Greg Matthews, Managing Director, WCG


Closing Keynote: How Will Wearables Dominate the Future?

While we have seen astounding integration of biometrics and chip technologies, significant challenges still remain. How are fast-moving, innovative companies planning to integrate these technologies into the fabric of our lives—literally? And what will the next phase of the communications revolution reveal in the coming decade?

David Schie, CEO, Linear Dimensions Semiconductor Inc.

2014 Digital Health Summit – Day 2
Thursday, January 9
LVCC North Hall, Room N250


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WELCOME & SUPER SESSION: The Digital Health Manifesto

We require innovations that add value and quality to health and medical care delivery.  It's crucial we recruit fresh thinking and new participants to solve our ongoing healthcare crisis. Join the first-ever roundtable discussion featuring healthcare's preeminent leaders who will hash it out to identify and resolve barriers that impede marketplace success in order to optimize the health of the nation. Present at the table: The Visionary, The Physician, The Provider, The VC, The Digital Health Innovator, The Consumer Advocate, The Retail Doctor

Jill Gilbert, Producer, Digital Health & Silvers Summits
Dr. Reed Tuckson, Managing Director, Tuckson Health Connections, LLC
Todd Hixon, Managing Partner, New Atlantic Ventures
Dr. Travis Stork, Co-Host / Chairman of Medical Advisory Board, The Doctors / MDLIVE
James Mault, MD, Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, Qualcomm Life
Margaret Anderson, Executive Director, FasterCures
Dr. Yan Chow, Director, Innovation & Advanced Technology, Kaiser Permanente
Grant Verstandig, Founder and CEO, Audax Health


The Radical Hospital

Cutting-edge surgical spider robots, augmented reality guided clinical applications, RFID biometric-tracked patients, physiological monitoring, artificial intelligence—just a few of the radical technologies making their way into our hospitals. Hear first-hand how these innovations are changing the way medicine is practiced and how they are saving money and saving lives.

Moderator: Shiv GaglaniEditor / Curator, Medgadget / Smartphone Physical
Panelists: Dr. Gary ClawsonSenior Director, Global Professional Education, Masimo Jason MendenhallExecutive Vice President of Cloud, Switch SUPERNAP Stephen PierceMedical Devices Leader, IBM Orlando PortaleChief Innovation Officer, Palomar Health

Shiv Gaglani, Editor / Curator, Medgadget / Smartphone Physical
Jason Mendenhall, Executive Vice President of Cloud, Switch SUPERNAP
Dr. Gary Clawson, Senior Director, Global Professional Education, Masimo
Orlando Portale, Chief Innovation Officer, Palomar Health
Stephen Pierce, Medical Devices Leader, IBM


How Digital Health Saved My Life

While digital health to many is still in it’s infancy, the stories of success are beginning to emerge. Don’t miss this unforgettable session where we’ll hear real accounts of life-changing, lifesaving digital health in action.

Masatake Eto, Director, Managing Executive Officer / Member, A&D Company, Limited / Continua Health Alliance
Dr. Saroj Misra, Osteopathic Family Physician/Program director, St. John Providence Health System, St. John Providence Health System
Nathan Harding, Co-Founder, CEO, Ekso Bionics
Claudia Graham, VP, Global Access, Dexcom, Inc.
Terry Gregg, CEO, Dexcom, Inc.
Jason Goldberg, President, IDEAL LIFE INC.


Track-a-holism: A Disorder Worth Having?

What do the quantified selfers and the obsessive compulsives have in common? We have learned that diligent tracking produces positive results, yet there are extreme barriers to growing this movement. How can we duplicate the behaviors of the track-a-holic and catapult the digital health industry to new heights?

Leslie Ziegler, Entrepreneur, Designer and Health Advocate, Leslie Ziegler Consulting
Jin Lee, Chief Technology Office and Senior VP of Engineering, Salutron
Robert Rhinehart, CEO, Soylent
Dr. Daniel Kraft, Faculty Chair / Founder, Singularity University / Bioniq Health
Kristian Tarnhed, Product Planner, Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications


LUNCHEON & SUPER SESSION: It’s a Healthcare Coup—and Technology is the Culprit

There are a slew of digital health technologies being developed, but not all are having a profound impact on the healthcare system. How are the most innovative companies developing industry-changing strategies to engage patients and providers across multiple channels? And what master tactics are the most prominent advisors finding most effective in business and helping the world's healthcare crisis.

Dr. Pierre Theodore, Van Auken Endowed Chair Associate Professor, UCSF Medical Center
Aidan Petrie, Chief Innovation Officer, Ximedica
Randy Parker, Chief Executive Office & Founder, MDLIVE
Amy Cueva, Founder and Chief Experience Officer, Mad*Pow
Jason Goldberg, President, IDEAL LIFE INC.


The Sixth Sense is Digital

Our nervous system is an intricate matrix designed to serve each sense. And with the advent of technology, our sensory system has a new player at the table, and it’s DIGITAL. There are devices being developed to not only utilize our senses better, but to markedly enhance them.  Add to that the proliferation of sensors and the technology possibilities are endless.

Dan Munro, Contributor, Forbes
Dr. Justin Bazan, Optometrist and Medical Adviser to The Vision Council, The Vision Council
Juha Pinomaa, CEO, Omegawave
Stanley Yang, CEO, NeuroSky, Inc.
Chuck Parker, Executive Director, Continua Health Alliance


KEYNOTE: Breakthroughs Business Models in Digital Health

Discover how companies are creating sustainable business models using proven strategies in this special keynote delivered by a pivotal digital health leader and advisor.

Wainwright Fishburn, Partner, Cooley LLP


Brace Yourself—Your New Trainer is Your Boss

The numbers prove it—in 2012 it cost U.S. employers $227 billion for employee absenteeism due to illness. And just hoping our employees will take care of themselves is no longer an option. How is digital health transforming “old school” corporate wellness into cutting-edge, lifestyle and fitness programs?

Kristin Van Busum, Manager, Health Advisory Services, RAND Corporation
Chris Boyce, CEO, Virgin Pulse
Derek Newell , CEO, Jiff
Christine Robins, General Manager of BodyMedia, VP of Business Development, Health and Wellness, Jawbone
Paul Lockington, Global Sales Manager, Dynastream Innovations Inc./ANT+


This is Spinal Tech

With 85% of the U.S. population suffering from back or neck pain and spending over $50M each year to find an end to their discomfort, it’s no wonder that digital health is taking notice. Discover the latest technologies breaking ground in the prevention and healing of our oh-so-supportive spines.

Veronica Combs, Editor in Chief, MedCityNews.com
Chuck Thomas, President, Neubac
Christine Berquam, Global Residential Marketing Manager, OmniMount


Everyday Health Awards for Innovation Announced & Wine Reception

The Everyday Health Awards for Innovation will honor outstanding achievement in health and wellness technology innovation highlighting breakthroughs and significant advancements in digital technology products or services designed to improve health outcomes. Join us for this big announcement and reception where we will reveal the winner in the following six categories: The Healthy Consumer, Patient Diagnostics and Management, Emerging Tech, Inclusive Innovation, Student Innovation and Healthiest Company. Deadline to apply is December 20, 2013. CLICK HERE for more information and to submit an application.