Project Description

Hospital readmissions is one of biggest challenges in healthcare, for the patient of course and also for the hospitals. With the new Medicare 30-day policy, new practices are dire to comply. Enter the tech innovators who are tackling this challenge head-on.What if you could continue to see your doctor without having to physically go back to the hospital? And what if reliable (and non-intrusive) monitoring could help detect when you need help most? Now that would surely cut costs and improve outcome. Hear directly from the innovators making this vision a reality—from reducing hospital readmissions to preventing complications and re-occurrance.


Dr. Alan Stein, VP Healthcare Technology, HP Software, Hewlett-Packard


John Bojanowski, President, Honeywell Life Care Solutions
David Ip, Senior Digital Product Manager, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
Randy Parker, President and Chief Executive Officer (Founder), MDLIVE, Inc.