Arshya Vahabzadeh M.D. is the Chief Medical Officer at Brain Power, a neurotechnology company building intelligent wearable systems for people with brain differences and disorders. He is a physician who is trained in family medicine, psychiatry, and child psychiatry and is on the academic faculty of Harvard Medical School.

His passion is working at the intersection of academic medicine, clinical practice, and neuro-technological innovation. He is the former Chairperson of the Council on Communications for the American Psychiatric Association and the current Innovation Officer for the MGH Psychiatry Academy, the largest psychiatric education provider in the United States.

Aside from practicing medicine, Dr. Vahabzadeh is also an advocate for both professional and public education around psychiatry, clinical neuroscience, and the role of technology in improving mental health. He has won over 20 national and international awards and he frequently speaks at medical innovation events all over the world.