2015sDavidSchie-David C. Schie joined Linear Dimensions Semiconductor Inc. in August of 2012 as Chief Executive Officer, with a vision to advance the wearables revolution. Linear Dimensions produces microchips, embedded systems, algorithms, apps, sensors and mechanical assemblies for leading wearables devices. During his tenure, Linear Dimensions has emerged as a leader in wearables signal extraction technology, helping its customers solve real wearability problems including motion artifact and noise rejection, as well as power consumption constraints. Linear has demonstrated next generation optical, doppler and impedance based solutions for wrist band and watch, arm band, garment, patch, harness and glasses form factors including ECG, impedance, gesture control, blood pressure, oxygenation, control and authentication solutions.

Before joining Linear Dimensions, Mr. Schie was Sr. Vice President of Power Management and High Reliability Semiconductors at Semtech, Vice President & General Manager of Analog/Power/RF Communications at Micrel, and Executive Director at Maxim Integrated Products.

At CES 2014, Mr. Schie was a keynote speaker on wearables where he described the proliferation of new sensor and portable device technologies, which will usher in the next generation of more capable wearable devices.