Chris Aimone co-founded Interaxon with a mission to create technology that can support and guide our quest for peace and wellbeing. An inventor at heart, Chris’s creative and design practice has spanned many fields, including architecture, alternative energy, augmented reality, imaging, music and robotics, fueled by a masters-level education in engineering science and computer science at the University of Toronto. Chris has built installations for the Ontario Science Centre and contributed to major technology art projects featured around the world (including Burning Man). Chris’s science education and lifetime of mind-body practices informed his creation of the Muse brain-sensing headband.

Before Interaxon,  Chris spent a decade working with Dr. Steve Mann exploring human-centric and transformative technology. Together they pushed the limits of cybernetic wearables,  brain computer interfaces and augmented reality, developing early prototypes of technologies that now support several successful start-ups. They also founded a musical instrument company,  producing the world’s first water-based organs, or “hydraulophones,” which have been installed at science museums and splash parks around the world.