2014SThomasChuckA seasoned senior executive in the medical device industry, is now President of Champfive, a International Marketing and Consultancy group for medical device manufacturers. Champfive also owns and manages HOLLYWOG. Prior to Champfive, he was Vice President of DJO Global, Chattanooga Group, the world’s largest producer of physical rehabilitation products. Has spent fifteen years managing the marketing, design, and sales and distribution of high-tech engineered medical products for the professional market such as: electro-stimulation, therapeutic ultrasound, shortwave diathermy, laser, traction platforms, isokinetics, and rehabilitation treatment platforms. Has led product development vision, and simultaneously has also introduced products into multiple international sales channels, including: physiotherapy, occupational therapy, beauty care, pain management, speech therapy, orthopedics, and veterinary. Along with this, has a high knowledge base in component sourcing and product integration.

Has been responsible for international operations, while creating an international sales program that was driving the fastest growing segment of the business for 5 years. Has also established a distribution network of 400+ distribution partners in over 80 countries. Has built sales and distribution centers in Europe and Australasia each with factory trained technical representatives who maintain the global product focus.