Colin Lawlor is a passionate believer in the power of connected health experiences, with a career that spans over 30 years in global consumer products, sleep sensor technologies and e-commerce. As Chief Executive Officer at SleepScore Labs, Colin leads the newly-formed company on its mission to leverage the exclusive SleepScore by ResMed™ technology and develop solutions that educate and empower consumers to improve the quality of their sleep. Colin’s path to SleepScore Labs began as the head of commercial activities at BiancaMed, a company that specialized in non-invasive sleep therapies. BiancaMed was acquired by ResMed in 2011.

While at ResMed, Colin was appointed Managing Director in Ireland where he spearheaded the team that developed the S+ and brought it to market. He eventually relocated to San Diego to serve as ResMed’s Vice President of Global Consumer Programs. Prior to joining BiancaMed/ResMed, Colin spent nearly 10 years at Bio-Medical Research Ltd. in Ireland, where he successfully restructured the global business resulting in significant new business growth. While at Bio-Medical, Colin gained extensive knowledge in Asian supply chain and market development. Colin also served as president of the Irish Exporters, as well as Chair of a number of national and community initiatives.