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Dan Munro
Author "Casino Healthcare" and Contributor


Dan Munro is a writer and international speaker on the topics of technology, innovation, and policy that are unfolding inside one of America’s largest industries – healthcare. Starting as a Forbes Contributor in 2011, Dan has since appeared in a wide range of globally recognized publications including Newsweek, The Huffington Post, Re/Code and many healthcare specific publications both online and in print. His first book – Casino Healthcare – was published in 2016 and he is also a Top Writer on Quora.

Dan is a regular speaker at leading industry events including the Digital Health Summit at CES, RSNA, Techonomy, AHIP, SAS Healthcare, Our Future Health and via online events hosted by industry sponsors like Dell, Xerox, and TEDMED.

Dan graduated from the International School of Brussels before completing undergraduate degrees in both Computer Science and Communications (with a minor in Journalism).


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