As CEO, Derek leads Jiff in fulfilling its mission to lower health care costs and cultivate happier, healthier employees. For more than 20 years, Derek has been leading innovative health technology and service companies. Prior to joining Jiff, he led Robert Bosch Healthcare, the company that built the first FDA-approved internet connected medical device and grew it into the world’s largest remote patient monitoring company. Before that, as CMO of LifeMasters, he helped pioneer the first patient-centric disease management platform and built one of the largest disease management companies in the U.S.

At Jiff, Derek has used his health technology and business experience to build a team that knows how to make benefits effective – with veteran health care and tech experts, data and analytics leaders, and designers with backgrounds in social networking and game design. The result is an enterprise health benefits platform that allows companies and their employees to save money while improving health outcomes. Derek holds graduate degrees in business and public health from University of California, Berkeley.