2015sDickLoizeauxheadshotDick Loizeaux is 65 and married to his wife Nancy, residing outside of Chicago. They have two sons, two daughters and 13 grandchildren. After a long career at Fiat, Dick quit and entered the seminary in Chicago. During that time, Dick started his own church, which he grew from just five members to more than 1000 while pastor. Today, Dick is a consultant for ministry related organizations and churches, particularly effective resolving conflicts and working with declining ministries and ministers suffering from “burnout.”

The emotional and personal situations that Dick encounters as a pastor require focused listening, something that has become increasingly difficult in recent years due to his hearing loss. It’s likely a childhood surrounded by loud tractor engines came at a cost, and Dick now must frequently ask people to repeat themselves. The “maddening” noise inhibited his ability to understand or concentrate, his ability to use the telephone or restaurants as business tools and often drove him to disengage from group settings.

With ReSound LiNX, that has changed. Dick’s hearing has been restored, and he can once again provide those who depend on him—family, churches, local organizations — with the uncompromising attention for which he is known.