Inventor of more than 80 granted patents and 100 patents pending in the field of wearable biomedical sensing, Dr. Steven LeBoeuf is an innovator in PPG sensors that are now embedded in millions of wearables on the market today. Before founding Valencell, Dr. LeBoeuf pioneered innovations in solid state materials, multiwavelength optoelectronic devices, high-power electronics, nanostructured materials and biochemical sensor systems for GE. LeBoeuf has developed strategic partnerships with leading consumer technology brands, medical professionals, research institutions, medical device manufacturers, and health & fitness companies. LeBoeuf manages Valencell’s foundational patent portfolio now licensed to companies around the world and implemented in 40+ wearable devices, including earbuds, hearing aids, wristbands, legbands, smartwatches, virtual reality systems and headbands. LeBoeuf holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from NCSU and BS in Electrical Engineering & Mathematics from LSU.