Heidi Anderson is recognized as a champion for exploration and vision within the healthcare industry.

For the last two decades, Heidi has built and lead teams in publishing across multi-media platforms. In her most recent position as Senior Vice President of Healthcare at Time Inc., Heidi has been recognized for her vision and guidance in driving digital transformation at Time Inc. The Healthcare vertical doubled digital revenues over the past year through leveraging new go-to-market strategies, updated products and platforms, and data targeting and measurement capabilities.

Armed with her strengths of strategic thinking and a relentless focus, Heidi began her career in account management at advertising agencies in Minneapolis and Chicago. Heidi spent a decade growing the Health franchise at Time Inc. and eight years building successful sales teams across both consumer and healthcare professional promotion at WebMD.com, Medscape.com and as VP Publisher of WebMD Magazine.

Heidi earned a BA from the University of Minnesota School of Journalism and Mass Communication with an emphasis on Advertising.