2015SHoffmannIsabelHoffmann is an entrepreneur who has successfully founded companies in the fields of preventative medicine, health care, technology, mobile health and education. Her natural ability to lead and inspire has resulted in numerous awards and honors throughout her career including Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award. She has taken companies from $0 to $75 million and negotiated strategic investments with groups such as CBS Corporation and Mitsubishi International. Hoffmann has raised equity investment and convertible debenture notes on Wall Street, New York City, and Bay Street, Toronto. She was also the main strategic negotiator on several business acquisitions, including a $28M acquisition of Corel Multimedia’s business division. As CEO and Founder of TellSpec, the company behind the world’s first food scanner for consumers, she leads a team of researchers, software and hardware engineers, spectroscopy specialists, food scientists, customer intelligence specialists and designers towards their mission to power a social revolution for clean, healthy food by empowering people to make informed choices about what they eat.