Joel serves as Chief Commercial Officer for Click Therapeutics. Click is bringing innovative prescription digital medications to the market to help patients afflicted with various chronic and acute conditions.

For over 25 years Joel has helped payers, employers, providers and suppliers achieve better patient outcomes at a lower cost of care using new health technology. As a nationally- recognized speaker on healthcare innovation Joel shares how Click is combining evidence-based medical practice with digital strategies and artificial intelligence to help patients contribute more to their own health outcomes.

As a vice president of market development at Walgreens Joel helped insurers optimize patient-centric virtual care in the home health setting. During his tenure at Johnson & Johnson, as Director of Payer Relations, Joel designed coordinated care systems to help physicians, hospitals, and suppliers deliver care with aligned incentives to benefit patients. Joel also held various positions with Sanofi Aventis working to contain the exploding costs associated with chronic conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

In 2014, Joel completed a Fellowship in Healthcare leadership with the Washington DC based Advisory Board Company.