Jon Coble is the CEO & Founder of GOGO Band which is pioneering the use of biometric sensor data from wearables, machine learning, and AI predictive analytics to manage chronic health conditions. This novel approach is first being deployed to help the 8.5 million children who suffer from Pediatric Enuresis, commonly known as bedwetting, the #1 chronic health condition in children. GOGO Band is the first AI predictive solution that alerts a child before an accident occurs, accelerates the recognition of their bladder-full signal, and keeps them dry.

Jon is a veteran builder of early-stage technology companies with multiple startups under his belt. Prior to this he spent 20 years in senior executive roles leading Fortune 500 management consulting, technology, financial services, global sourcing, and consumer retailing companies. He is true globetrotter having lived and worked on five continents.

Jon earned an MSIA/MBA From Carnegie Mellon University and a BA from Occidental College.