2014SPinomaaJuhaOmegawave‘s CEO Juha Pinomaa is an enthusiastic business leader who has years of experience from Nokia mobile solutions and sports electronics, as well as from sports like American football and sailing.

At Omegawave, Juha is responsible for raising fundings and managing the business with close involvement with sales and marketing. For him, the allure of Omegawave lies first and foremost in the possibility of creating new groundbreaking services that can help and guide people to achieve their goals and become healthier.

As a keen sportsman himself, Juha favors endurance sports, snowboarding and sailing. He likes around-the-world sailing races, having high respect for people like Tomas Johanson, a Finnish Olympic gold medalist and crewmember. Juha also likes to race, and last year he participated in a half triathlon.