K. Cody Patel is a passionate and tireless healthcare technology entrepreneur. In addition to serving at the helm of the fastest-growing regional pulmonary disease management and medical device companies, Cody has also established and oversees several entities.

His entities specialize in COPD, asthma, cardiac, neuro-and sleep diagnostics and telemedicine. Through Indus River Ventures, Cody leads as a change agent by incubation and accelerating entities which enable the technological transformation of the healthcare industry to better serve all stakeholders, including patients, payers, providers, and physicians.

Cody is an active participant in the Houston community. He has served on the alumni board of the University of St. Thomas, where he graduated cum laude with a B.S. in Economics and a BBA in Finance. Cody is also a board member of Life Houston and has served as co-chair of the Center for Science and Health Professions at the University of St. Thomas and Texas Children’s Hospital Ambassador program.