2014SMakiLisaLisa Maki started PokitDok after overcoming a spinal injury discovered while studying Karate. With her mobility compromised, she spent six frustrating months researching and identifying remedial options, through medical experts, her personal networks, trainers, social media and searching the Web. That quest ultimately led Lisa to enroll in a study conducted by Dr. Marc Dubick at Roper St. Francis Hospital in Charleston, South Carolina, for experimental treatment and she is now pain free. With her rich background in technology, Lisa and her co-founder & CTO, Ted Tanner, Jr. created PokitDok to allow customers to “cut to the chase” while searching for information on physicians, their treatments and services and the cash prices they charge. Before starting PokitDok, Lisa co-founded BeliefNetworks with Ted, which applied semantic intelligence and predictive analytics for customers from the Department of Defense to DailyCandy. It was acquired by the health and employee benefits system, Benefitfocus (NASDAQ: BNFT, IPO 2013). Earlier in her career, while at Microsoft, she was the Director of Program Management for all consumer products, during Bill Gate’s tenure. She earned her BA from Stanford University.