2014SPelusoMarcoMarco Peluso founded Qardio in early 2012 with the determination to improve heart-centered healthcare by developing a line of revolutionary, personal monitoring devices.

Prior to founding Qardio, Peluso’s career spanned fourteen years in London’s financial industry. After graduating summa cum laude from Bocconi University with a degree in Business Administration, he initially took a position with JPMorgan. As a technology, media and telecom investment banker for JPMorgan, he advised some of the bank’s largest clients. By age 28, Peluso became partner at one of Europe’s best-established hedge funds, where he shared management responsibility for a multi-billion dollar investment portfolio.

Friends since childhood, Peluso and co-founder, Rosario Iannella, have spent a virtual lifetime collaborating together with a shared interest in the practical uses of digital technology.

Peluso left the finance industry to start Qardio after his father suffered a stroke whose origin was difficult to determine due to a lack of the very type of routine monitoring devices Qardio now produces.