Maria Menounos (@mariamenounos) is an Emmy® Award-winning journalist, TV personality, motivational speaker, New York Times best-selling author, host of the Noovie cinema pre-show and co-founder/CEO of the AfterBuzz TV Streaming Networks.


Menounos has attained numerous achievements throughout her career in the news and entertainment industry. One of People magazines 50 Most Beautiful, Menounos holds the distinct honor of having conducted the only sit-down interview with the Obama family-an interview ABC news heralded as a deciding factor in President Obama’s historic victory.


Currently, Menounos hosts the Noovie cinema pre-show seen daily in 70% of America’s movie theaters. As one of the only female CEOs in the world of tech, Menounos heads the AfterBuzz TV digital broadcast streaming network, which produces more than 150 hours of weekly programming for 120 countries worldwide. Menounos’ AfterBuzz TV mentorship program has helped launch careers for the likes of Fox TV’s Eboni K. Williams, WWE Superstars Sonia Deville and Cathy Kelly, Korama Brown (Netflix) Entertainment Tonight’s Courtney Tezano and Deidre Behart and hundreds of others.