2014SEtoMasatakeAfter graduating from university in Tokyo in March 1971, Masatake Eto attended the University of Houston in Texas. There, he taught physics to undergraduate students as an assistant while attending class, receiving a Master of Science degree in physics in June 1974.
A desire to work on a global scale motivated him to join A&D Company Limited, then a start-up company in its third year. He assumed a role as a manager for international business in 1981 and drove the company to get started with business development on a global scope. He then moved to the USA in 1985 to establish operations there and spent 5 years laying down the foundation for the businesses. He returned to A&D Japan in August 1990 to become a general manager for international business. Since 1998 he has led strategic coordination of the medical business of A&D Group and helped grow its medical business to be over $100 million in the world. He has been supportive of activities related to Continua in recognition of their potential in the ICT medical field.
Eto resides in Tokyo with his wife, and in his free time he enjoys road bike riding and photography, as well as Facebook where three grandchildren are the main story lately.