Dr. Michael Moffitt is the Director of Neuromodulation Research and Advanced Concepts (NRAC) at Boston Scientific Corporation, and a recognized expert in the field of neuromodulation. His team focuses on forward looking strategies and research that has driven meaningful advancements in the fields of neuromodulation for pain, movement disorders and other neurological indications.

Since joining Boston Scientific in 2005, Michael and his team have been instrumental in the conception of innovative Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS) and Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) features that have positively transformed the lives of hundreds or thousands of patients. This includes: furthering the understanding of mechanisms of action of spinal cord stimulation to optimize therapies and technologies; working with partners around the world to rigorously characterize sub-perception SCS through studies (e.g. PROCO and HALO); and developing algorithms and product designs (including CONTOUR, Cartesia Directional Lead and System, StimView Algorithms) intended to improve the delivery of neurostimulation therapy and patient outcomes.

Michael studied Zoology (pre-med) and Physics (minor) at Brigham Young University and received a B.S. (1998). He then followed his engineering inclinations and holds a Ph.D. (2004) and M. Sc. (2000) in Biomedical Engineering (with concentration on neurostimulation) from Case Western Reserve University. After completing his Ph.D. and prior to joining Boston Scientific, Michael was a Post-Doc at Cleveland Clinic Foundation (Lerner Research Institute). He currently holds over 75 U.S. and International patents.