Nate is passionate about the interface between technology and biology, with a healthy appreciation for operational rigor. Nate has spent his career exploring different avenues at this intersection, from microfluidics and biologics manufacturing to stem cell therapy development, and now digital health. 

Nate is a core member of the health care leadership team at BCG DV with experience and expertise in

– DTC patient engagement to accelerate adoption of medical devices & drugs

– Clintech including operational experience in trial recruitment

– Remote monitoring solutions through pairing of novel hardware with software platforms designed to optimize patient and clinician engagement

– SaMD solutions such as digital therapeutics

– AI/ML deployment within clinical datasets and realization through clinical decision support.

Prior to joining BCG DV, Nate was a leader in the Pharmaceutical & Medical Products Operations practice of McKinsey & Company. Nate also founded three exciting companies across tech and health: Roz Health, Tweed Network and Polymorfix (now Baronova).

Nate holds a PhD in Bioengineering from University of California, Berkeley in lab-on-a-chip diagnostics, and a Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics and Biology from Yale University.