Nersi Nazari is co-founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Vital Connect. Dr. Nazari is a veteran technology professional with more than 25 years of experience in the industry. In 2003, Dr. Nazari founded Pacific General Ventures, a private venture capital firm that invests in high technology companies. He served as CEO of the firm’s portfolio company, Teranetics Inc., from 2009 until its acquisition by PLX Technology in 2010. Prior to Pacific General Ventures, he was the founding VP of signal processing technology at Marvell Semiconductor, Inc. (NASDAQ: MRVL), where he oversaw development of Digital Solutions for Storage and communication markets. Dr. Nazari has also served in research and development positions at Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), Seagate Technology, and was Chief Technologist at GEC Plessey. Dr. Nazari sits on various privately-held company boards and is a member of the board for Emulex (NYSE: EMLX), a publicly traded company in enterprise-class converged connectivity solutions. He holds a doctorate in electric engineering from the University of Colorado and has been awarded eight U.S. patents.