Rich has relished the excitement, diversity and nourishment secured from a 39-year career in engineering, strategy consulting and senior leadership roles in entrepreneurial start-ups, health care services companies, renewable energy, and resource recovery. His experience includes both public and private company leadership and he has been heavily-influenced by his family history. He is a frequent public speaker and a passionate advocate for the transformation of acute medical care into safer, more clinically-effective models.

Rich founded and led New Paradigm Ventures (NPV), a business incubator in the health care and food industry market. A study conducted by his firm brought him to American Healthways and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota as part of a merger between his firm and Healthways. During his tenure as President of Healthways, Healthways stock grew from $18 to $53 per share as the impact of his work began to shape the care support and population health sectors. His scaled experience with population health inspired him and passionately drew him into a focus on disruptive healthcare services models. Since Healthways, Rich and his partner Andy founded Intersection Partners and launched a number of healthcare services businesses, including Clinically Home, the predecessor model of Medically Home.

Rich and his father were featured in the documentary film “Mr. Rakowski,” which examines the effects of the Holocaust on his childhood and their relationship.