Robert Urquhart Based in London, UK, and with an arts background, Robert started out in digital media and entertainment. Running a digital arts gallery and early creative online community led Robert to further developmental media work for car manufacturers and broadcasters in Europe and beyond.

An interest in design led to an editorial position at London Design Festival where he met Lee McCormack, founder of McCormack Design and, most recently, CEO of Orrb Technologies. This highly creative and collaborative relationship has grown over the past 10 years with Robert providing insight for product design at the studio.

Our analogue and digital hybrid future fascinates Robert and motivates research and development for projects that span health, architecture and the arts.

Working with McCormack has led to the conclusion that a positive work culture should be at the top of every corporate agenda. To this end, Robert is looking forward to launching Orrb, a project that he provided concept development for, in spring 2015.

When not working on new technology projects, Robert lectures at University of the Arts London and writes about design and culture in titles including Computer Arts, VICE / The Creators Project, Etapes Magazine, Grafik and Communication Arts.