Shelly Ibach, Sleep Number setting 40, is President & CEO of Sleep Number Corporation (NASDAQ: SNBR). As the sleep innovation leader, Sleep Number ’s 360 smart beds deliver proven quality sleep through effortless, adjustable comfort and biometric sleep tracking technology.

As CEO since 2012, Shelly has combined her passion for creating consumer value with her visionary leadership to create a purpose-driven brand with innovative sleep experiences and superior shareholder returns. Having positioned Sleep Number at the intersection of sleep, health and technology trends, Shelly is shaping the growing understanding that sleep is at the center of well-being.

Since joining the company in 2007, Shelly held several executive roles in consumer strategy, sales, marketing and product, including Chief Operating Officer. Previously, Shelly honed her instincts as an expert retailer and brand marketer during her 25 years at Target and Macy’s.

Based in Minneapolis, Sleep Number’s 2017 net sales were $1.44B. The company employs 4,000 team members and operates over 565 Sleep Number stores in all 50 U.S. states.