Stefani Benefield is a senior executive in Healthcare pursuing consumer-driven solutions to improve lives and reduce costs for Medicare and Medicaid consumers. Through a career of diverse leadership across retail, finance and healthcare industries, she has developed a unique depth of customer expertise that is helping many business functions tap into new streams of revenue and cost avoidance while delivering better solutions. Her leadership experience includes planning & strategy, business development, operations, sales & service, customer relationship management (CRM), product development, marketing, analytics, technology, process design, and change management.

Stefani joined Humana as VP Consumer Experience in August 2013 to lead the company’s Medicare, Medicaid, and ACA experience transformation. In 2016, after the Consumer Center of Excellence was realized, Stefani was asked to lead Home Health Innovation. She and her team led research and development of new user interfaces, data sources leveraging the Internet of things and machine learning analytic solutions to personalize care and gain the engagement of aging members with complex chronic conditions. She continues to work across the industry seeking solutions and partnerships that will advance the creation of new models of care that are centered on the needs of individuals and the people who care for them.

Stefani lives in Louisville with her husband, four sons and is a caregiver for her father suffering from Dementia.