2015SKamatVaishaliVaishali Kamat heads the Digital Health practice at Cambridge Consultants. She has significant domain expertise in this new and evolving space, including an understanding of regulations, financial models and market players. She has worked with several large medical device and pharmaceutical companies helping them define patient facing solutions and incorporate connectivity into medical devices. Vaishali has authored several articles in this field, including a white paper on the state of Connected Health in 2009 describing the opportunities and challenges in this field. Vaishali received a Master’s degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering from Iowa State University and has been named as inventor on three U.S. patents.

Digital Health at Cambridge Consultants offers strategy and product development expertise in the application of digital technology for medical and consumer health applications, including body worn sensors and wireless medical devices. With in-house skills such as front-end innovation processes, low power electronics design, user experience design and regulated software development, Cambridge Consultants is a perfect partner for anyone looking to develop a competitive edge and make an impact in this new space.